>     M O V E M E N T

I recently finished a minimal portfolio site for Adam J. Cohen, glass-blower extraordinare. The above signature-logo was probably the most labor intensive part (and I had nothing to do with it). AJ sat at my desk drawing and re-drawing his signature on my Wacom tablet until he got it juuuust right. But don't think you're going to catch up on all the recent studio haps by going to this site. No sir. The only thing AJ tweets about is My Morning Jacket and his dog, Otis. But that's ok. He has some killer glass. Check it out: adamjcohen.com

6 June 2012

Here's a nice re-design where you just sit back and watch it happen. Christy at Bliss Photography in Jacksonville wanted slideshows and that's what we gave her. A nice minimal jQuery gallery that allows you to take in all the beauty without having to bother yr fingers with those tedious mouse clicks. Check it out: blissphotographybychristy.com

6 June 2012

I recently designed save-the-dates for my good friends back in Florida Zack & Lindsay. After a dozen+ years they've finally decided to tie the knot. I was very excited to print these on my ancient letterpress that will soon be making a cross-town trip to join me in the home-studio. To inquire about a letterpress gig, give me a jiungle, rob (at) seeddesigngroup.com

14 April 2012

Here's a piece marking the (supposed) end of winter here in the frigid North West. The countdown to spring may have officially hit zero, but the lingering dark clouds and creaking knee joints seem to suggest otherwise. But there's sun through the windows in the studio as I type. So that's promising..

14 April 2012

We recently re-flunked the Challenger Presents website and built a skeleton that will survive the ages. Challenger Presents is a Bay-area music production company that recently surfaced from their behind-the-scenes position as a financial magic-wand-waver in order to take over the world. With big plans in 2012 and beyond, Challenger is poised to turn heads with innovative live audio-visual conceptions. Check them out:


9 December 2011

We are working toward an online store-front. A digital deli of beautiful papered products and stuffed delights! You will Think About Clouds and find the colored world layed out at your feet. Or maybe you'll wander across a stuffed whale. Who knows. We'll keep you posted..

8 December 2011

Things are brewing. We all need to focus and stay on task. Here is an exploratory piece in the wee hours of the morning. Anticipating the next step and hoping that everything goes as smoothly as planned. With the holidays spinning decorations in the living rooms of our hilltop neighborhood we have enough to keep us warm. Things like this. The careful arrangement of colors. The hard edges of geometry; the smooth surface of frozen mountaintop ponds.

6 December 2011

New Ankaa website with a few streaming tracks. A slow-melting snicker's ice-cream bar and a sunset on fire. Our fingers are crossed, but we know the man moves slow. More in the winter, maybe.


13 September 2011

Bliss Photography is just that. A walk through clouds. An evening with smokey records in your dimly lit living room. Through her photos, Christy Pellicer captures a hidden wonderland and does it in such a way that we can't help but dig through the library of our best childhood memories to find a few important artifacts we left behind.


7 February 2011

Murals of Portland is a documentary organization bent on cataloging the best murals Portland has to offer. With a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council, Paige Prendergast, also owner of Breeze Block gallery, has as her primary focus the collusion of artists, artsy-types and the not-so-artsy types. The site will be a way for people to track down their favorite murals, discover murals they have never met and a way for prospective mural patrons to contact artist that they think will do them right.


18 December 2010

>     I N T E R W E B S I T E S

+ new Adam Cohen Glass site

+ new Challenger Presents site

+ new Oddlove Letterpress site coming soon

+ new Bliss Photography site

+ Jenny Coster portfolio site

+ new Ankaa music site

+ new Roots Garden Supply site

+ Tabor Top Flash mapping tool

+ new Native Roots site

+ new Handful site

+ new Mariottini, Inc site

>     S E E D D G

Seed Design Group is a conglomerate of like-minded artists and designers separately enlisted in synchroneous creative collisions. Principal Designer, Rob Pellicer, pilots a number of creative ventures under the banner of SEED DG and maintains a growing list of off-air clients requiring creative and marketing direction. Our realm is visual, illustrative, auditory, web and print-based. Think and dream it, we'll execute it.

We have recently launched Oddlove Letterpress, a boutique letterpress studio specializing in fine print services. We want to electrify your clients with deep impressions.

We inhabit Portland, Oregon and look to our surroundings for excitement and inspiration. Whenever we can we support our local screen printers, print shops, artists and coffee roasters. We feel that our quality of life is greatly improved by seeking out the best our locale has to offer. We are proud to lay our head down at night in the Great Pacific NW.

For inquiries, shoot me an e-mail:

>     F R E N D S

Josh Keyes has added a few new paintings to his portfolio. Digging deeper into the marriage of human mechanics and the great wild, Josh Keyes situates his scenes within a post-apocalyptic innocence that sees neither winners nor losers, only carefully executed harmony.


Good friends of SDG, Zach and Jay Burnett, launched Bold!Bean Coffee Roasters a few years ago in Jacksonville, FL and quickly got to work caffeinating the entire southeast. Now that they've perfected their roast, they are opening a high-end coffee house in Jacksonville, FL with the help of longtime friend Chris Emery. 2012 will bring collaborations between Bold!Bean, Seed DG and Oddlove Letterpress. Stay tuned.


The Dropping Gems homies keep the air full of interesting sounds. Their catalog and crew run deep. I suggest you keep a close eye on these guys. And if yr in the Portland area, check their show schedule. You won't be dissapointed.. <3